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Break-free by becoming a focused, confident and motivated Change-Maker and launch your startup in as little as 90 days.

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Avoid These 3 BIG Mistakes Now In Your Startup Journey to Launch Successfully by Early 2024:

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6 Critical Steps to Break Free from distractions, stress, procrastination and perfectionism:

Step 1: Clarity

Overcome the distraction of multiple ideas and shiny object syndrome, by clarifying the direction and solution you're most passionate and capable of delivering.

Step 2: Focus

Work through the stress of juggling multiple commitments including work, family and your startup with a focused growth mindset and step-by-step 90 day roadmap and problem statement to bring your idea to life.

Step 3: Motivation

Stop procrastinating speaking to customers by pin-pointing your exact target users, reaching out to people you can ACTUALLY help and understand their pain-points so you can build the best possible solution for them.

Step 4: Confidence

Stop stalling and start building hype and momentum by having conifdence in your offer and marketing, targeting the right people, to get them excited as they jump on a waiting list eager to start using your product at launch.

Step 5: Efficiency

Scope and develop only what your ideal users actually want, priortise the most critical features to rapidly and efficiently launch, refine and iterate to keep users engaged and active.

Step 6: Grow

To scale your offer, pitch your startup the most suitable investors who are aligned to your cause and want to support your growth, scaling and help you succeed.

Ryonosuke's Coaching Journey: A Remarkable Transformation


What People Say
About Us

"Matt has a true gift of making an overwhelmed entrepreneur in the midst of launching a business to gain calmness and clarity. I am grateful for the coaching tools Matt introduced during our sessions, allowing me to feel more accomplished and work more efficiently."
Founder (USA)
"Matt is a great and responsible guy to work with. I tried different coaches before, but he is the best and I got a lot of insight every session. If you are going to work with him, I promise you have good time!"
Founder (Japan)​
“My role sometimes requires a 100% shift in my attention. After working with Matt, I was able to figure out tools and patterns for myself that allowed me to maintain focus while better managing any sudden high-priority tasks.“
Director (Japan)
“I’ve sat down with Matt for several sessions and he has been extremely professional and helpful in refocusing my career goals and objectives. I highly recommend him to anyone who seeks that next step to self-success.“
Founder & Consultant (Japan)
"Working with Matt was transformative as a COO. He helped me identify areas for improvement, navigate complex challenges, and develop a more strategic mindset. I highly recommend Matt's executive coaching services to other COOs looking to enhance their leadership skills and improve their performance."
COO (Japan)

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Matt – a Startup Mentor, Coach and Founder of Startup Founder Mindset.

After helping over 100 aspiring and new startup founders across Japan and Australia, I have noticed common struggles of distraction, stress, procrastination and perfectionism in early stage founcers.

I have spent a lot of time fighting through these struggles myself, especially in the various ventures that I have built, including in travel, finance and education.

So, with my coaching skillset, entrepreneurial insights and experience I want to help founders like you become truly focused, confident and motivated Change-Makers.

So you can not only launch your startup in the most streamlined, simple and efficient way possible but to help you truly make a difference to your clients, the world and your own life.

Some other stuff about me:

I’m a city boy having lived most of my life in Sydney and Tokyo.

I love tech, dad jokes and cooking and all things startups.

So, I look forward to learning more about you, and how I can support your startup journey.

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Need Help with Discovering or Brainstorming your Startup Idea:

Aspiring Founder Ideation Program
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Change-Maker 90 Day Program
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US$699 x 3 months

Need help with your Pitch deck and Pitching?

Pitch Master 6-Week Bootcamp
US$799 (save $50) or US$425 x 2 months

Or Combine all 3 programs for US$2,999 (save $500)
or US$1,049 x 3 months

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